Project Origination

Project Origination is the core of our business. 

Our team specializes in identifying power off-takers and securing land for renewable energy generation projects and large commercial spaces for independent power producers. 

Beyond Greenfield projects, we can secure Brownfield development opportunities bringing clean renewable energy projects or revenue to land not viable for most commercial development.


Site Viability Feasibility Engineering

By analyzing data from existing solar projects and several national resource centers we can account for:

  • Soils Conditions
  • Weather Patterns
  • Shading
  • Pollutants

These elements can affect a project's buildout and energy. We then develop a customized design concept delivering the lowest lifetime cost of energy. 

Further, we work with our projects partners with the selection of technology, structural support, interconnection, and available renewable subsidies. Our concept is an all in one package. 

Along with our channel partners, WMR’s focused ability to assess a potential project’s feasibility wherein these elements are joined with financial modeling for the off-taker and the independent power producer. 

WMR and its channel partners have successfully brought to commercial operation hundreds of megawatts of generation and millions of kilowatt hours of clean renewable energy production.  


Solar Racking Foundations

WMR is aligned with state of the art steel producers and fabricators across North America. We provide a lower cost solution for steel piling. Once an afterthought to using whatever is available on the market, WMR, through our foundation supply network can offer high strength, lighter weight steel foundations to cut costs adding more to the bottom line of any PV solar array buildout.


Asset Disposition

WMR Services offers complete jobsite asset recovery and management of ferrous and non-ferrous material across the United States. We supply container services with our environmentally compliant recovery practices to ensure the collected material is handled safely while adding economic value to the project’s bottom line.