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  Project Development:

Development is the core business of our organization. Our team specializes in identifying, and developing sites for renewable energy power generators, municipalities, and large commercial space owners. We address and anticipate the needs of both the producer and off taker of the power. By developing Brownfield properties, land that was once not viable for development, can be used as a source to generate clean fossil free renewable energy.

Site Development:

By analyzing the data from existing solar projects and several National resource centers; we can account for soil conditions, weather patterns, shading, and pollutants that can affect the build out and energy production. We then develop a customized design concept that delivers the lowest lifetime cost of energy. The concept will include the selection of technology, structural support and mechanical elements, electrical interconnection and available solar subsidies. The anticipated electrical load of the off taker will dictate the projectís size and scope. Our team of renewable energy professionals has completed over one thousand projects in over twenty utility districts.

Feasibility and Engineering:

With our joint-venture partners and affiliates we are able to assess a projectís potential and design the most optimal renewable energy plant under one roof. Our team employs experts in both design and DEC/EPA regulatory matters to offer a complete and accurate study of a siteís viability.

Supply Chain and Construction:

WMR Services provides steel foundations and all electrical components to support PV solar racking and panels. We are fully integrated in the supply chain to offer high quality and affordably priced steel structures and electrical gear from the panel source to interconnect. Our team can provide comprehensive installation services to various aspects of a renewable energy project.


Asset Disposition:

WMR Services offers complete jobsite asset recovery and management of ferrous and non-ferrous material across the United States. We supply container services and environmentally compliant recovery practices to ensure the scrap material is handled safely while adding value to a projectís bottom line.